Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just Listen - Mark Goulston

Right now, there's someone in your life you need to reach. But you can't, and it's driving you crazy. Maybe it's somebody at work: a subordinate, a team member, a client, your boss. Or maybe it's somebody at home: a partner, a parent, a defiant teen, an angry "ex."

You've tried everything -- logic, persuasion, forcefulness, pleading, anger -- but you've hit a wall every time. You're mad, scared or frustrated. And you're thinking, "What now?"

Here's what I want you to do: Think of this as a hostage situation. Why? Because you can't get free. You're trapped by another person's resistance, fear, hostility, apathy, stubbornness, self-centredness, or neediness -- and by your own inability to take effective action.

And that's where I come in.
Chapter 1, page 3

Why am I reading this?

My husband has severe anxiety, ADHD, and is suspicious that people have their own agendas (which of course are not in his best interests). He also has chronic joint pain as well as fibromyalgia and is probably not on enough pain killers, as he regularly runs out of them, and then becomes depressed and has suicidal thoughts.

My agenda is for him to learn to take care of himself; i.e eat 3 meals a day, sleep regular hours, and take his meds as prescribed. And if something isn't working out for him, that we do something about it. Gee, underhanded of me, huh?

The first chapter sold me on the rest of the book (which I borrowed from the library, but at this rate, will purchase later).

I'm still reading (just finished chapter 3), but I had to post now... so others can hear about this great book!

Oh, and you've gotta love a chapter with a title like this: Move Yourself from "Oh F@#& to OK"

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